Jekaterina Ignatjeva

I was born in Riga, Latvia. I moved to London in 2015 to study photography. Now I am on my 3rd year of study in the London College of Communications. I am building my practice in the medium of experimental photography working mostly with digital images. My working process involves combination of multiple images using digital and mixed media techniques to produce a highly detailed and complex result.

Working on 251 project, I made a series of collages mixing together diverse features of the Elephant and Castle exploring the theme of building a Utopia, as a transformational phase for this area. The project 251 is about building a new community within a fast developing and creative area of London. The building appears as a world-in-itself, a utopian island that is however open to the world around it. Where highly organized new developments (Castle) are based on top of the creative energy of the area (Elephant). That’s why I’ve chosen a collage technique to put together urban and natural sites. I was working with digital photographs combining different layers that overlap, immerse and integrate with each other forming a bright and colourful future for this amazing part of London.